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Linda Press paints vibrant and dynamic scenes in Europe, the United States and around the world.  Directly observing from nature, she searches for abstract and expressive elements and paints with energy and gestural flair.

The abstract structure and expressive content are central to their meaning. They are about spirit - the spirit that permeates life, transporting the spectator to the specific place painted; to an ambiance where the senses are heightened; to that unique sensation one has where time has a special intensity.

Light and shadow have a poetic quality that intrigues the artist. They set up a counterpoint to the tangible structures in nature and man-made architecture. A sense of history in the architectural detail adds another layer of interest.

Linda's art has been exhibited in Paris, New York, Washington D.C., as well as other major cities in the United States, and has been selected for National Exhibitions of Contemporary American Artists. She is a graduate of Cornell University and holds an MFA from Columbia University.

Linda can be contacted at 301-596-4834 or at

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